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Picture Settings Menu: Function Description

Picture Settings Function
Dolby Vision Notification Notification of Turn on/off of Dolby Vision
Brightness Adjust the overall brightness
Contrast Adjust the overall contrast
Saturation Adjust the overall saturation
HUE Adjust the overall tone
Sharpness Adjust the overall sharpness
Gamma Toggle luminance curve
Color Temperature Adjust post-RGB gain
Display mode Switch projection screen size
Color Tuner Adjust brightness, contrast, chroma, and pre-RGB gain/off set for 6 primary colors and skin tones
Blue Stresh After opening, the picture turns blue, and the color temperature becomes cooler
DNR Noise reduction to reduce snowflake-like noise
MPEG NR Noise reduction, which reduces noise around text
Max vivid After opening, adjust the dynamic contrast to the maximum, brighter is brighter, darker is darker
Adaptive Luma Control Toggle dynamic contrast to adjust the brightness of different scenes
Local Contrast Control Switch the specific are contrast, adjust the brightness of different areas, and improve the contrast
Flesh Tone Brighten skin tone
DI Film mode 【MTK】Film Mode is a special form of interlace. The media player will convert the 24P/25P/30P and other format signals into 60i/50i output, the TV set must be able to correctly identify the Film mode, and make the corresponding Deinterlace processing

Game mode Dedicated to games, reducing lag time
ALLM Automatic low-latency mode, reduces the delay time when the game is recognized
PC mode The signal of HDMI channel needs to be RGB or YUV4:4:4 for PC mode to take effect. After opening, the basic Bypass PQ, color, dynamic contrast, sharpness and other functions do not work, and the original display is displayed.
De-Counter For attenuating ribbon
MEMC Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation
HDMI RGB Range Select full (0-255) or limit (16-235) range, the full range screen will become brighter
Low Blue Light After opening, reduce the blue light ratio, the picture turns yellow
Color Space Color space conversion, SDR auto and off do not convert, on to BT.709; HDR function is grayed out, default auto, automatically converted to BT.2020; Dolby function is grayed out, no conversion is performed.

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