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Formovie’s Maintenance Tips to Maximize Your Laser Projector's Lifespan

Formovie’s Maintenance Tips to Maximize Your Laser Projector's Lifespan

A projector is potentially the focal point of any area you put it in, whether it’s the lounge, home theater and game room, or outside in the garden. If you own a laser projector then you’re aware of its capability to produce brilliant, bright, and vividly colorful displays in dark spaces or bright environments. To ensure that it continues to display the finest images throughout the years, there’s a bit of maintenance that goes into it. 

Unlike a lamp projector, laser projector maintenance doesn’t involve replacing the light source, but it does involve keeping it safe from damage and making sure it stays clean. Here are some of the main reasons why maintenance and care are essential for extending a laser projector’s lifespan:

  • A Longer Life

A laser projector has the potential to last between 20 000 - 30 000 hours if it’s well taken care of. That’s approximately 12 years if you use it for 8 hours a day, five days a week. Without the proper care, you’ll need to replace the laser projector before the end of its estimated lifespan. 

  • Maintenance Is Cheaper than Repair

It’ll cost way more to replace parts or pay someone to check your projector once it stops working. It ultimately costs less to keep the projector running smoothly, whether you decide to replace or repair the projector. 

  • Laser Light Safety

Laser projectors utilize powerful light beams to display brilliant images, exposure to these beams can potentially be harmful. Ensuring that the laser projector is properly calibrated and aligned at all times will help to limit the emission of stray laser beams that can cause damage to the eyes. 

  • Low-Quality Images

Dust, debris, and smudges on the projector lens can have a negative effect on the display. Neglecting maintenance can result in a build-up of dirt that becomes harder to remove over time. 


In a nutshell, giving your laser projector the same love, care, and maintenance you give to a car is the best way to take care of it. A car that is properly taken care of can maintain its performance and value for years to come, while a neglected one is harder to use and nearly impossible to resell.

Tips for Maintaining Your Laser Projector

Now that we’ve looked at the effects of not taking care of a laser projector, let’s explore the solutions. We’ve listed a handful of tips and guidelines to keep your laser projector working at peak performance. 

Inspect the Projector Regularly

There’s no real way of knowing when there’s a problem with your projector unless you check, and it’s not a good idea to wait until the damage is too far gone, or irreversible. It’s advised that you inspect the laser projector regularly to make sure that it’s still in the same condition as when you bought it. Check for any signs of wear and tear on the projector casing, or signs of damage like cracks and scratches on the lens. 

Keep It Clean

While doing the inspection, remember to check if it’s time to clean the projector by swabbing for dust and debris because the build-up of dirt can be your projector’s worst enemy.  A gentle wipe with a lint-free cloth should do the job. Take special care when cleaning the lens to make sure you don’t scratch it with grains of dust. It’s advisable to gently blow the dust off the lens before wiping it down. 

Use Your Laser Projector Properly

Stick to the guidelines and instructions provided by the manufacturer to avoid damaging your machine. Manufacturers often advise consumers to avoid using the projector in dusty environments, areas with extremely high temperatures, or not enough ventilation where moisture could build up. For extra caution, refrain from using your laser projector in a place with excessive vibrations like on top of another machine or in a vehicle driving on a bumpy road. 

Store It Safely

Unless the projector is used regularly as the main display in the home and is kept in a fixed position, you should store it in a safe place. Keep it far away from where anyone can accidentally knock it over. This is especially true for portable or mini laser projectors like the Formovie P1 projector. 

Store it in a cool place with no dust or moisture, preferably in a bag or the original packaging. If the laser projector has been exposed to high temperatures, such as direct sunlight, allow it to cool down first before using it. 

Take Your Projector for Check-ups

Much like a car, it’s important to have a pro take a look at your laser projector once in a while to make sure everything is still running as it should. This can help you identify issues before they escalate, and it’ll cost less than paying for repairs once the damage has been done. Maintenance should be carried out by a qualified technician because the last thing you want is for someone to damage a projector that was working just fine. 

A Lifetime of Incredible Displays

With the proper care and maintenance, you can get at least 12 years of high-quality laser projector displays in your home theater, family room, and outdoor activities like camping. And if you don’t already have one, check out the Formovie THEATER 4K laser TV or the Formovie P1, and join the growing list of people around the world who love laser projectors.  

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