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Introducing the Xming Page One LCD Projector: Discover Affordable Brilliance

Introducing the Xming Page One LCD Projector: Discover Affordable Brilliance

If you’ve ever marveled at the breathtaking displays and vibrant colors that high-end projectors can deliver, or if you’ve wondered what a massive high-resolution projector would look like in your home, then you’re probably a fellow projector enthusiast. If you know anything about the best projectors in the game, then you’re well aware of how pricey they can be. Well, what if we told you that there’s a new player entering the game that’s set to deliver the same level of entertainment brilliance without breaking the bank? 

On August 30th, leading Chinese LCD projector manufacturer Xming unveiled their most recent innovation and revealed that they would be releasing it globally. Upon its release, the Xming Page One will be the world’s first Google TV LCD Projector with certified Netflix, a game changer that’ll redefine what affordable excellence looks like. With a host of high-end features compressed into an affordable package, the Xming Page One is not just your run-of-the-mill projector. 

Your Personal Entertainment Hub

Let’s dive into the heart of the features that make the Xming Page One a true standout in the world of projectors.

Cinematic Visuals

We all love the idea of having the biggest and most beautiful entertainment systems, but realistically speaking, it’s not financially possible for everyone. With the Xming Page One, you can officially say goodbye to compromising quality displays to save money. The Xming Page One displays images in true 1080p Full HD resolution, and it has an incredible 2000:1 contrast ratio that’s guaranteed to deliver astoundingly vivid colors and sharp details. 

Captivating Audio

Xming isn’t just about visuals, it’s about creating the complete audiovisual experience. The audio brilliance delivered by this projector is designed to satisfy even the most astute audiophiles. 

Jointly developed with Boston Acoustics, an international high-end audio brand, Xming Page One is equipped with 2x5W high-power speakers, with abundant bass power, clear and soft treble, and rich sound details to ensure the ultimate audiovisual experience.

The sound system is also enhanced with Dolby Audio which works to produce a clearer and more dynamic sound by perfectly adjusting the volume levels and canceling background noise.

Convenient Alignment 

Getting the projector into the perfect focus and alignment is an automatic function with most high-end projectors, and it can be quite the mission to do it yourself manually if your projector doesn’t have automatic keystone correction. That’s another way that the Xming Page One will revolutionize and simplify the way you entertain. It’s equipped with automatic focus and omnidirectional automatic keystone correction that’ll allow you to just sit back and enjoy the show. The smart alignment also has obstacle avoidance that detects any hindrance on the screen and adjusts the display accordingly.  

Content for Days

In addition to being the world’s first Google TV LCD Projector with certified Netflix support, this smart projector lets you access content from a wide variety of streaming platforms such as Hulu, Prime Video, HBO Max, and YouTube directly from the system. It’s loaded with 2 GB of storage and 16 GB of RAM to make streaming from your favorite apps a breeze.

Setting a New Benchmark

It’s not every day that an industry is challenged to redefine its norms, but Xming is doing just that with Page One. The Xming Page One LCD Projector is gearing up for a crowdfunding campaign on the renowned Indiegogo platform, opening the door for you to get your hands on the device that’s a gateway to a world of entertainment brilliance. So if you’ve been eyeing those high-end projectors waiting for the day when you could finally add one to your cart, your wish may have just been granted. Get ready to embark on the journey to a new era of entertainment that doesn’t compromise on quality or your budget, and stay tuned for more details on this game-changing projector. 

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