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There’s Never Been a Better Time to Buy a Laser or LED Projector

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Buy a Laser or LED Projector

A while back, we explored why it may be more beneficial to get a laser or LED projector instead of a lamp based one, by comparing the differences between all three. Among the benefits that were covered was the longevity of the laser or LED light source versus the light bulb, and now more than a year later, we have one more very important factor to add to the list. 


Say Goodbye to Your Old Friend 


Projectors that utilize a lamp or bulb as their light source are a trusted choice for many projector fans because of their ability to deliver incredibly bright displays at a lower cost than other types of projectors. They’re popular for outdoor viewing, especially during the daytime, making them a favorite for hosting events.


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These projectors will stop being sold in Europe from 2026 for health reasons


Unfortunately, they won’t be around for much longer because of new regulations in the EU that are set to ban the manufacture and importation of products containing mercury. These products include dental amalgam and other mercury-added products like batteries, thermometers, and of course our very old friend the light bulb. 


According to a statement on the official EU website, the ban seeks to protect human health and the environment from the harmful effects of mercury. The Union plans to phase out all toxic mercury as soon as January 2026, so unless you plan to stock up on as many replacement bulbs as possible before then, perhaps this is the perfect time to start saving up for a laser or LED projector replacement.


Laser or LED, Which One Should You Choose?


It goes without saying that both types of projectors come with their own particular set of features that make them unique. The one you choose to incorporate into your entertainment area will be completely dependent upon your needs and preferences. The best way to figure out which one meets your specific requirements is with a side-by-side comparison of their pros and cons.


LED Projectors


1. LED projectors typically last between 20,000 to 30,000 hours, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

2. With no bulbs to replace and minimal need for cleaning, maintenance is significantly reduced.

3. LEDs provide excellent color accuracy and consistency over time, with vibrant and stable colors.

4. These projectors are more energy-efficient than lamp projectors, consuming less power.

5. They also tend to have a quieter operation as they generate less heat and thus need less cooling.


1. Generally, LED projectors have lower brightness compared to lamp and laser projectors, making them less suitable for well-lit environments like outdoors during the day.

2. The upfront cost of LED projectors can be higher than lamp projectors, though lower than laser projectors.

3. There are fewer high-brightness models available compared to laser or lamp projectors, providing limited options for those needing powerful illumination.


Laser Projectors


1. Laser projectors offer satisfyingly high levels of brightness, making them suitable for a variety of environments, including bright rooms and daytime events.

2. They also have a long lifespan m, typically lasting around 20,000 to 30,000 hours.

3. Lasers provide more vibrant, precise, and consistent color performance throughout their entire lifespan.

4. These projectors require little to no maintenance, with no bulbs to replace or filters to clean.

5. They reach full brightness almost instantly and can be turned off without the need for cool-down periods.


1. Laser projectors are generally the most expensive option on the market.

2. Some users may notice a speckle effect, a grainy visual artifact, particularly in models designed for professional use.

3. The advanced technology in laser projectors can sometimes make repairs more complex and expensive if issues arise.


Formovie Has Your Perfect Replacement, Regardless of Your Choice 


While you take the time to consider what you’ll be doing with the soon to be phased out lamp projector in your entertainment room, take some time to peruse through the options Formovie has available. 


Laser Projector 


The Formovie THEATER is a state-of-the-art laser projector designed to revolutionize your viewing experience. Featuring ALPD 4.0 technology, it delivers stunning 4K UHD resolution and a massive 150-inch display, ensuring crystal-clear picture quality. 


Unlike traditional lamp projectors, the Formovie THEATER offers superior longevity and brightness. Its Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation (MEMC) technology ensures smooth, blur-free visuals even during fast-paced scenes whether you’re indulging in sports or a movie. Additionally, Dolby Vision enhances color, contrast, and brightness, while Dolby ATMOS and the built-in Bowers & Wilkins audio system provide immersive, high-fidelity sound. 


LED Projectors 


We have three unique projectors in our LED range for you to choose from: 

Xming Page One

Experience the future of home entertainment with the Xming Page One LED projector, praised for its exceptional reviews and cutting-edge features. Unlike traditional lamp projectors, the Xming Page One offers long-lasting LED technology, delivering brighter, more vibrant visuals and a longer lifespan with minimal maintenance. With its seamless setup, smart capabilities, and customizable viewing options, this projector provides superior performance and convenience.


As the first Google TV projector with certified Netflix, the Xming Page One allows you to access all your favorite streaming services and apps on a single device. Enjoy crisp, clear images without the hassle of frequent bulb replacements and elevate your home theater experience with a smarter, more reliable choice over outdated lamp projectors. 


Xming Episode One 

Discover the Xming Episode One, our latest offering and the next leap in portable entertainment. With 1080P resolution, vibrant visuals, and effortless setup, this LED projector outshines traditional lamp projectors. Enjoy rich Dolby audio without needing extra soundbars, and seamless gaming with HDMI 2.1. 


Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, it's lightweight and affordable at just $299. And much like its predecessor the Xming Page One, this projector offers native access to Netflix and Google TV so you can watch all your favorite episodes in one place. 


The Early Bird promotion is still running on this projector, and if you order one before June 14th you’ll get $70 off your purchase


Consider Your Options and Switch to Safer Entertainment 


We can all agree that right now is the ideal time to upgrade to a laser or LED projector. With the impending EU ban on mercury-containing products, traditional lamp projectors will soon become obsolete. Both laser and LED projectors offer significant advantages in terms of longevity, maintenance, and performance. 


Whether you need the high brightness of a laser projector or the energy efficiency of an LED projector, Formovie provides excellent options to suit your needs. Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your viewing experience with cutting-edge technology.

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