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5 Ways to Unwind into the Weekend with Formovie THEATER

Home entertainments with an ultra short throw projector

The weekend is a great time to unwind by yourself, or catch up with everyone. But let’s admit it, even though we love having all our friends and family over, no one ever wants to talk about how tough it is to keep everyone entertained. Formovie THEATER has your back, because now you have one less thing to worry about. Here’s a list of five activities that’ll make you the ultimate host, and make your home the place to be for any occasion.

Ditch the Sports Bar


Formovie THEATER 4k projector for sports fans


The sports bar is a great place to be for large screen viewing. It offers a great atmosphere for watching big games while allowing people to sip on a few drinks or two. The viewing options, however, are always limited to what the crowd wants to watch. Formovie THEATER with certified Android TV 11.0 allows you to stream any sport you want. You even have the option of switching between channels at leisure, to please each individual member of your party. The built in Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation (MEMC) is aimed at giving you the smoothest transition from frame to frame, which plays a huge role in making sure you don’t miss any of the fast paced action on the 150-inch screen. Now you can start inviting everyone over to your house for the 2022 FIFA World Cup that’s due to start in November, when we’ll witness the last world cup with 32 teams

Game Time 

Formovie THEATER 4k laser projectors for playing games

Perhaps you’re more of a hands-on player, and you’re looking forward to FIFA 23 for PlayStation and Xbox that’s set to release at the end of September? You can rest assured that the game will be displayed in 4K UHD resolution, on a screen that is suitably large enough for a really competitive multiplayer mode. This stunning laser TV supports Dolby Vision and Dolby ATMOS, features also supported by the Xbox and PS5 to maximize the visual and audio quality of games like F1 2022, and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. You probably don’t even need to invite anyone over for this experience, it can just be an intimate family night.

Family Movie Night

Movie night for family with Formovie THEATER 4k laser projector

Speaking of family nights, if you’d prefer your intimate family night to have less competitive action, you can never go wrong with the latest movies on your ultra-large laser TV screen. You can enjoy the latest films such as Top Gun: Maverick, Home Team, or Lightyear on a screen that protects your eyes more than a regular TV. The Ultra-Short Throw (UST) projector utilizes the latest ALPD 4.0 technology to produce vividly colorful cinematic images, while shining minimal light directly into the eyes.          

Life Size Gym Class

build your home gym room with Formovie THEATER 4k projector

It’s even easier to join a virtual crowd with the Formovie THEATER by your side. The built-in Chromecast allows you to connect your mobile device to the big screen and join live gym classes on Instagram, or pre-recorded workouts on fitness apps like the Nike Training Club. The Bowers & Wilkins speakers with Dolby ATMOS are designed to amplify the acoustics of the video, and could possibly make you feel like you have the personal trainer right there in your home. Brian Gluck who owns describes the sound produced by the 30W speakers as rich and robust, and says that it’s the best audio system integrated into any laser TV he’s tested to date. 

A Full House

Finally - when you’ve somehow managed to fill the house with people who want to be entertained, and there’s no way for everyone to fit inside, bring out the grill and take the party outside. This compact and sleek projector packs an impressive 1800 ISO lumens of brightness that make it powerful enough to withstand the daylight and produce incredible images even outside. Mark Jones of All Things Tech who reviewed the UST says that it performed significantly well in ambient light, and even better in the dark. Just imagine all of your closest acquaintances gathered in your yard until the sun sets, watching all the episodes of House of The Dragon, or enjoying the ICC Men’s T20. Alternatively, you could possibly facilitate an early morning gym class, and enjoy the outdoor breeze without worrying about the quality and clarity of the video.

More Than a Projector

The Formovie THEATER does more than just maximize the size of your screen, it’s an appliance that can be integrated into the smart-home to become a part of your everyday life and beyond. The minimalistic design of the projector draws minimal attention to itself, and gives uninterrupted views of the screen while gaming. It’s compact and versatile enough for indoor and outdoor fitness, and there’s a whole lot more sport to watch with multiple viewing options cast on a great screen. Whether you’re in the mood for plenty of company, or would just like to relax by yourself, you can count on Formovie to make being in your home extra special for everyone. 

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