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Be Game Ready for The FIFA World Cup with Formovie THEATER

Stream FIFA World Cup sports on Formovie THEATER 4K Projector

The 2022 FIFA World Cup is scheduled to take place in the Middle Eastern country of Qatar starting on Sunday, November 20, with a game between the host nation and Ecuador at Al Bayt Stadium. The game of soccer is like an unspoken language that is understood by many people around the whole world, so it’s no surprise then that this year, 5 billion people are expected to be watching the 22nd edition of the most prestigious soccer tournament in the world. A total of 32 teams split into 8 groups will compete against each other for their chance to take home the FIFA World Cup Trophy, and $42 million in prize money for the champions. 

This spectacular world-class tournament will be broadcast live from Qatar in 4K, so sports fans all over the world will have the opportunity to view the 64 matches in the most stunning picture quality if they have the tech to support it. Formovie THEATER not only supports 4K UHD content, but it also has the power to maximize the screen up to 150 inches, for an even more breathtaking display.

Match Fixture

The contest is split into 6 succession levels, starting with the 8 groups of four who will play against each other until the top 16 teams are established. The 16 teams will advance to the single-game knockout stage, where the loser of each game is immediately eliminated from the tournament.

  • Group Stage matches will take place from November 20 - December 
  • The knockout Stage takes place from December 3 and will last until                     December 6
  • Quarterfinals are scheduled to take place on December 9 and 10
  • Semifinals will follow three days later on December 13th and 14th
  • The Third-place match and the Final will be aired on December 17 and 18 respectively.  

    Which Channels Will Broadcast the World Cup?

    Depending on where you are in the world, the tournament will air on different channels. Fox and FS1 are the major broadcasting channels that will bring the game to the U.S, and the BBC will air both the England and Wales group stage matches in the UK. If you wish to stream live matches from anywhere else in the world, Fox and FS1 are available on major streaming apps like Hulu, YouTube, and Sling. The football global governing body recently launched FIFA+, a streaming platform set to rival popular streaming services by delivering free streaming of soccer games to fans around the globe. 

    Formovie THEATER is Game Ready.

    • In some countries, the FIFA World Cup will be aired by the major broadcasting stations that are available on cable. Formovie THEATER supports HDMI, HDMI eARC, and Lan cable connectivity making it easy to view your regular channels. 
    • The laser TV operates on the Android OS and comes fitted with Android TV 11 supports up to 5000 streaming apps. So regardless of where you are in the world if you’re part of the Formovie family, live streaming the World Cup shouldn’t be a problem. 
    • This projector offers versatile connectivity like the option to stream from another device via Chromecast or Bluetooth, in case you want to watch social media commentary of the games on the enlarged screen
    • Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation (MEMC) is a built-in feature of the Formovie THEATER that is essential for the unblurred display of high-speed motion pictures. This will ensure that every small detail is visibly clear on the 150-inch screen
    • The portable size of the projector, coupled with the built-in speakers from Bowers & Wilkins, and 1800 ISO lumens of brightness make it the full entertainment package in any area of your home, indoors or outdoors. The sound system is enhanced with Dolby ATMOS for a surround sound experience of the sports action.

    The Formovie THEATER has everything you need to take full advantage of the incredible quality of entertainment that will be showcased in Qatar, starting November 20th. It’s been ranked as the top choice in both the display and sound categories of the 2022 Laser TV Showdown, hosted by Projector Central and   

    Final Thoughts

    Whether you plan on enjoying each game by yourself or with a team of friends, the most premium soccer tournament in the world deserves to be viewed in the most premium picture quality. This is easily achieved with the Formovie THEATERs 4K UHD resolution display and cinema-level surround sound that’s guaranteed to transport you right to the stadiums in Qatar.

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