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Create the Ultimate At-Home Workout With a Projector

Formovie projectors for indoor workout

The best part about choosing to get fit at home is that you can reach your goals with no distractions, at your own pace, and you don’t have to wait in line to share equipment with anyone after commuting the whole way there. The two problems that come with an at-home workout are the likelihood that you don’t even know what videos and workouts to search for on the internet. And when you do finally find something that works for you, the display is a bit too small to deliver that really mesmerizing gym experience. 

A home projector can elevate the display from your smartphone or laptop, and be used to transform the entire home into your personal fitness studio, whether you enjoy scenic outdoor exercises or intense indoor sessions. This guide explores essential features to look out for when buying a home projector that is perfect for a gym room, plus a list of the ultimate workouts to try on the big screen. 

Choosing the Right Projector for At-Home Workouts

Deciding to work out at home is meant to simplify the entire experience, so it only makes sense to go for a projector that’s simple to set up, especially if you intend on taking it outside sometimes. Here are a few more features to look out for:

Built-in Speaker

To get the feel of a personal trainer, the projector needs to be able to play audio so you can hear instructions and background music. Ideally, look for a projector that has built-in speakers, in order to eliminate the need for additional plug-ins that will make setting up a more demanding task.


How simple is the transition from your phone screen to the projector? This process should be as easy as connecting to the WiFi or charging your phone. The best home projectors have wireless connectivity options like Chromecast or Bluetooth, and may also have the option to connect via USB or HDMI.

Screen Size 

The size of the screen is important because it determines how immersive your indoor workout experience will be. Aim for a projector with a screen size of at least 100 inches, it displays an image large enough to make it feel like you're in a real gym.


The perfect time to go to the gym is before or after work, and it can be a bit hard to make the time to go before or after work. When choosing a projector to incorporate into your indoor workout, make sure it’s bright enough to withstand the light in the room at sunrise and sunset, when you’re most likely to be using it. 

Throw Ratio

Depending on how much room you have to spare, you need to consider the placement of your projector in conjunction with how much space you need to complete the workout. A short-throw projector works better at maximizing small spaces when compared to a long-throw projector. Learn more about the throw ratio here.


Try These Workouts on the Big Screen

Another disadvantage to not being at the gym is the lack of equipment, however, a study conducted by the Harvard Medical School reveals that body-weight exercises are effective, convenient, and good for your health. This list of workouts is best enjoyed without any equipment, and it’s the ideal place to start for a beginner who’s too shy to try things in public. 

Yoga and Meditation

Doing yoga with a huge screen projector

For more than 5000 years, humans have practiced yoga to strengthen the balance between mind and body, combining more than 100 different forms of yoga that can either be relaxing and meditative, or fast-paced and intense. Yoga can be used to target and strengthen the core, legs, arms, and back with no use of additional equipment. 

One of the best yoga apps of 2023 is Yoga Studio. It includes a variety of high-quality content that’ll look great on the big screen, and it has a relatively low subscription price of $7 a month if you’re interested in the premium content. If you’d like to take a shot at yoga as a beginner and you’re not sure if you’ll enjoy it, take a look at some yoga for beginner videos on YouTube. If you’re already familiar with yoga, you can use your projector to display a scenic background that’ll help set the mood. 

At-Home Boxing

For a combination of cardio and strength training, boxing is an excellent exercise that can be practiced with no gloves or punching bag. If you don’t have a skipping rope for the warm-up portion of the at-home workout, star jumps can get the job done. Fitness instructor Nancy Chen shares a few boxing movements that you can check out here, or you can download a dedicated boxing app like Boxing Training & Workout which features kickboxing, Muay Thai, and MMA classes. 


Dancing is a fun way to work out that can help with balance and coordination, and also give you some new dance moves for that night out. The type of workout you choose will depend on the type of music you want to dance to, or which part of your body you want to focus on. Because music is a great way to naturally stimulate movement, a projector with an excellent built-in speaker will do this job best. 

Formovie Projectors are Suited for At-Home Workouts


Formovie THEATER

Formovie THEATER is one of the leading laser TVs in the market because it’s the first projector to have both Dolby ATMOS and Dolby Vision, providing the special ability to display the finest range of content in its purest form, and impressive surround sound.

Formovie THEATER 4K UHD Laser Projector

  • Packed with 1800 ISO lumens for a display that’s bright enough to enjoy at any time of day.
  • Certified Android 11.0 gives you the ability to download more than 5000 streaming apps to make your workout easier to access.
  • It’s an ultra-short throw projector, allowing you to turn even the smallest room into an indoor gym.
  • Built-in speakers by Bower & Wilkins make it the complete entertainment package.
  • Displays a massive screen, up to 150 inches of uninterrupted viewing pleasure.

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Formovie Dice

The cute and compact design of the Formovie Dice makes it the perfect addition to an indoor or outdoor workout area. It reaches peak brightness at 700 ANSI lumens, which is perfect for an early morning or evening workout.

Formovie Dice Portable Projector

  • A Dolby and DTS-certified sound system is built into this projector to provide stellar sound quality.
  • It has a 16 000 mAh battery onboard so you can enjoy the outdoors while you break a sweat.
  • The largest screen by Formovie, reaching a maximum of 200 inches in size for a completely immersive view of your workout.

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Formovie P1

The Formovie P1 projector is one of the thinnest laser projectors currently on the market, so it’s portable enough to share the at-home workout with your friends and family at their house.

Formovie Pocket Laser Projector P1

  • 250 ISO lumens of brightness make this the ideal projector if you enjoy an early evening workout as the sun sets.
  • The built-in speaker makes it perfect to bring along anywhere.
  • Can display a screen that’s 100 inches in diameter.
  • Connects to a power source with a Type-C cable, so you can power it with a rechargeable battery.

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Make Your Home a Fitness Zone

If you’re tired of finding yourself cramped in a gym full of strangers, not getting the results that you want, then it may be time to consider upgrading your home workout game with a home projector and a few bodyweight exercises like yoga, Muay Thai, and boxing. Formovie projectors can display brilliant videos on a massive screen, simplifying the process of connecting your phone or laptop, and providing beautiful sound quality to elevate the experience of your at-home workout. 

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