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Formovie Halloween Party Game Night 

Special Halloween night ideas from Formovie

After spending the entire month getting ready for the scariest holiday of the year, it’s finally time for everyone to enjoy the fruits of your extensive decorating skills at the halloween party. It’s scary to think that you’ve possibly spent so much time on the decorations that you may have forgotten to put together an activity list for the actual party. Don’t freak out. This is the template for an epic halloween party for the whole family, curated by Formovie.   


Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is better than a treasure hunt because it gives everyone a chance to win at least once, instead of giving only one person one prize. Everyone will already be dressed up in their halloween costumes, so it’ll add an extra bit of pizazz to the game. As part of the prizes, you can include a voucher for the holder to request a movie of their choice for the evening, where Formovie will deliver breathtaking entertainment regardless of what the winner decides. Formovie projectors utilize an ALPD laser light source for the accurate display of even the slightest difference in colors.  

Themed Food Contest

Let everyone bring a ghoulish dish to the party, sweet or savory, and allow the rest of the party to guess what ingredients each chef used to prepare their delicacy. Or you could make it slightly more competitive by having everyone vote on which dish tastes the best and looks the scariest. There are a few spooky food ideas and recipes on Food Network and BBC Good Food.  An even better way to get everyone involved in the activity of making food is to have a decorating station, where guests can get to work making their sweet creations in the form of toffee apples or cake pops. 

Costume Runway

Halloween costumes have evolved tremendously over the past few decades, and there are no set rules or boundaries as to what is appropriate for the occasion. It may possibly be the only time of year you won’t get judged for dressing like a cartoon character and acting a fool. Let’s embrace all of that free spirited energy by putting on a fashion show where each guest can show off their costume while walking down the “ramp” to their song of choice. With the Formovie THEATER, you can play music videos directly from YouTube to create a background theme for the model, and the built-in Bowers & Wilkins speakers will deliver powerful surround sound acoustics to set the mood.

Mystery Solving Game

All of the guests should already be in the mood for some sinister activity, and it’s the ideal time to put everyone’s critical thinking skills to the test. Provide your guests with clues to help them narrow down the suspects and solve the mystery of the night. If a murder mystery is slightly too gruesome for your party, you can shift gears and try to find the abominable person who stole all the halloween candy.You can create your own storyline, or you can download a mystery stroy template on websites like Playing With Murder.

Scary Movie Marathon

According to search results on, more than 1000 horror movies were released in the year 2021 alone. That’s a really frightening thought, unless horror happens to be your favorite genre of film. Halloween is a splendid excuse to binge watch all of your classic horror favorites, or to create new scary memories on the super large screen of your Formovie projector. All Formovie projectors offer a variety of viewing options by allowing you to connect seamlessly to any smart device to access your content. You also have the option to utilize streaming apps directly from your Formovie Mini Projector Dice, Formovie 4K Cinema, or Formovie THEATER, which have certified Android TV.    

Stream spooky movies on Formovie THEATER Short Throw 4K Projector

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Formovie Is Made For Entertaining

Formovie products are designed for the best home theater experience, hence they’re all built with the ability to enlarge the screen to around 100 inches with minimal effort, and no distortion to the image quality. The built-in, Dolby certified sound system makes it possible to entertain from virtually any room in your house, so even a sleepover party is an option that won’t cause an inconvenience to anyone. 

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