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Why Pay $6,300 When You Can Bring the Super Bowl to Your Living Room?

Why Pay $6,300 When You Can Bring the Super Bowl to Your Living Room?

February 11th is fast approaching, and that means the 58th annual Super Bowl championship is just around the corner. It’s an event that the football world has been building up to since the last one concluded, and the excitement is palpable. As exciting as the thought of being at the stadium may be, the price of Super Bowl tickets has been north of $1000 since 2009, and they don’t appear to be getting cheaper.

A recent article in Sporting News reveals that the cheapest seat at the 2024 Super Bowl costs an astonishing $6,300, close to $500 more than last year’s price of $5,823. According to Business Insider, a Super Bowl ticket in 2019 was about the same price as the average mortgage payment in 2024. So if you had plans to take the family to see the big game live, you really would have had to start saving after the final touchdown at Super Bowl LVII. Alternatively, you can bring the biggest sporting event in the United States right into your living room with the Formovie THEATER. 


65,000 people are expected to fill up the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas to watch not only the Chiefs defend their title and take on the 49ers, but the most highly anticipated half-time event of any sport in the world. This year’s event, like many others before, is expected to be a star-studded affair from warm-up to touchdown. 

Considering how this is an event not to be missed, let's explore how a 4K UHD projector like the Formovie THEATER can help bring you and all your friends and family closer to the action without breaking the bank. And what’s more, you can get it at a special Super Bowl discount for a limited time only. First, a look at what to expect at Super Bowl 2024.


The Ads We Don’t Want to Skip


So as we all know, the build-up to the game starts long before the game with major brands like Pepsi taking full advantage of all the marketing that’s already happening around the Super Bowl. The best Super Bowl ads are as big of a deal as the event itself, and they often feature some of the biggest stars in the world such as the 2023 T-Mobile ad featuring John Travolta, or any of the 6 Super Bowl commercials starring rapper Cardi B.  

You really won’t want to change the channel or skip an ad once you tune in to the game on February 11th. But if you do, the Formovie THEATER gives you an array of viewing options that you can access directly on the Android TV OS. 


All the Performances


The built-in Bowers and Wilkins sound system in the Formovie THEATER won’t let you down when it’s time for the iconic half-time show. There’s more than just the half-time performance to look forward to, and the Dolby ATMOS feature will be on-site and ready to bring the rich acoustics to life.  


Warm-up Performance

The performances kick off long before the game even starts. In the past, artists like DJ Khaled and DJ Snake were tasked with getting the crowd and the competing teams warmed up before the main event. This year that duty lies with DJ Tiësto, and he’ll also be the first DJ to play a set during the Super Bowl game. 


Anthem Performance

The U.S. National Anthem, The Star Spangled Banner, will be performed by the country music legend Reba McEntire who recently served as a judge on The Voice. Lift Every Voice and Sing, which was first performed at the Super Bowl in 2021, will this year be performed by Andra Day. 


Half-time Performance

(Apple Music YouTube) 

According to the Apple Music YouTube channel, Usher’s Super Bowl LVIII show is a performance 30 years in the making. This is the first time Usher will headline the Super Bowl halftime show, but he previously appeared alongside the Black Eyed Peas in 2011. Coincidentally, the performance will take place on the anniversary of his ninth studio album release, and it’s something that’s been on his bucket list for a long time.


The Main Event: Chiefs vs 49ers


The top footballing athletes in the United States will be gathered at the Allegiant Stadium to show off their best skills. This means that everything you see during the main event will be moving at top speed across your screen, and if your projector isn’t built to take on that demand, you’ll have to endure a blurry display of the game. 

Luckily, the Formovie THEATER has automatic motion estimation and motion compensation (MEMC) that fills in all the blanks between each frame to give you a silky smooth display of each run, kick, and touchdown.


A Screen So Big, You’ll Feel Like a VIP


The best seats in the house at the Allegiant Stadium during the Super Bowl, believe it or not, will set you back roughly $44,000. The Formovie THEATER has a massive screen that can be adjusted to display a 150-inch image, potentially creating a life-size experience of the game right in front of your eyes. If the description of the VIP seats on TickPick is anything to go by, this is as “close to if not right on the 50-yard line” as you’ll get from the comfort of your home. 

Ultra-High Definition Details


Official broadcasters like CBS and Fox Sports will be broadcasting the game in 4K HDR for viewers who have all the right equipment to enjoy the game to the max. If you have a Formovie THEATER, you can be one of them. This will unlock the finest on-screen details from the pearls of sweat on the footballers’ foreheads, to the blades of grass under their feet.


An Unbeatable Super Bowl Offer


Now that we’ve weighed the options and you know what you’ll be missing out on if you miss the Super Bowl, consider this;  $6,300 for one nosebleed seat at the Allegiant Stadium, or €4,518 for a lifetime of entertainment with a Formovie THEATER and ALR screen combo? 

If you place an order between February 6 and February 19, you can even get the combo at a 20% discount. So what are you waiting on? Make Super Bowl LVIII an unforgettable experience with Formovie THEATER.

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