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Sports Is a Drag Without MEMC, Formovie Explains Why

Smooth Sports Streaming on Formovie THEATER 4K Laser TV

When you’re a lover of all things related to fast paced action and sports, you most likely won’t be a fan of the type of projector that starts to glitch and blur when the action becomes more vigorous. So when shopping for an entertainment system, a key feature to look out for is Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation (MEMC) that smooths the transition between frames and displays a realistic motion picture. Both of Formovie’s 4K UHD projectors, the Formovie THEATER and Formovie 4K Cinema, come standard with the MEMC feature. But what is it, and  how does MEMC work?


What Is MEMC?

MEMC is a technology that matches the frame rate of the video to the refresh rate of the screen. This is done by estimating what should be between two frames, and then adding an extra artificial frame to compensate for the “jump” between frames. In that way, the transition between frames is less jumpy, and ultimately smoother.

How Does MEMC Work?

Live television such as sports games or news programs are shot at a standard rate of 30 frames per second. When the screen’s refresh rate is faster than the number of images available in a frame, between 60 - 120Hz, the video appears to glitch between each frame. Each artificial frame added by MEMC enhances the quality of the motion picture by essentially closing the gap between jumps, matching the speed of the incoming frames to the speed at which the screen refreshes.  

MEMC and 4K UHD at Play

Catching up on sports highlights on your phone or tablet is great, but the actual game is always better enjoyed on the biggest screen you can find, because all of the fine details are in full view and you become absorbed in the game. The massive screen of a 4K projector is an advantage because the individual pixels work together to display each tiny detail in an image, for an impressive display of even the finest wrinkles. So if the image isn’t crystal clear, or there’s a trail dragging behind every moving object on the screen, that too would be in full view which is undesirable. MEMC is essential for maximizing the clarity of 4K resolution. 

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Experience the World Cup Best, With Formovie THEATER

The Formovie THEATER is fitted with an incredible 120-inch screen, for a one of a kind display of a world class tournament like the FIFA World Cup. The 4K UHD projector has built-in MEMC and an Auto Low-Latency Mode (ALLM) that automatically detects the need for lag reduction in a displayed image. This is ideal for playing video games, but it’s also beneficial for streaming live games and other fast paced motion pictures. Formovie THEATER also supports Dolby Vision and HDR10+ so you can enjoy content from various dynamic range formats.

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