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What should I do if the system operation is stuck?

①First, determine under what circumstances the user is stuck, and provide guidance based on the user's operation situation. For example, if the user is stuck while watching an online video, you need to check for network problems. ② Update system: Guide the user to check whether the version of the system is the latest version, which can be judged according to the update prompts in the user system. ③ Ask the user if the laser projector has been rooted. If the system has been rooted, you need to cancel the root before trying it; ④ Enter the projector's background interface and clean up the programmes running in the background, or enter the TV butler to clean up memory and garbage. ⑤ Reset the laser projector's factory settings (not save software), or enter the recovery mode to select all data; ⑥ If the above methods cannot resolve the problem, perform an after-sales test and the specific situation shall prevail after the after-sales test results.

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