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CES 2024 Highlights: What the Future of Projection Looks Like

CES 2024 Highlights: What the Future of Projection Looks Like

If you like to keep up with the latest innovations, then you’ll know that CES is one of the main events in the tech world, a platform to showcase the next best thing in the tech sphere in front of all the right people. The exhibition has been taking place since 1967, and some of the best television and hi-fi electronic devices over the last 57 years debuted in front of the crowds gathered at CES.

The 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was hosted in Las Vegas at the beginning of the year, and while Formovie was there to make an appearance, we also took the time to scope out what our competitors were putting on the table and what the future of projection looks like.  

Based on our observations, there appears to be a big shift happening in the projector world, but the common trends are unmissable. Here’s our take on what happened at CES 2024, and what projector enthusiasts can look forward to in the future.


What Went Down In the Formovie Booth?


Alongside the Xming Page One and the Formovie THEATER, the two-time champion at the Laser TV Showdown, we also took the opportunity to show off some of our lesser-known and upcoming laser projectors to the U.S. and greater markets including new budget-friendly options from our Xming line. 

One of the star projectors that took center stage at CES 2024 is the Formovie V10 projector which won the Innovation Award at last year’s CES and is set to debut later this year in the U.S.. It’s a 4K projector that runs on a 1080p DLP chip to produce images with crisp details and excellent focus, plus it’s got a rich built-in sound system that’s been described as having plenty of volume and excellent sound quality by The Hook Up.  

Another star player that made an appearance is the Formovie 4K Max which displayed its visuals on a glorious 150-inch ALR screen from Spectra Projection. It boasts a stellar 4500 CVIA lumens rating making it the brightest projector in our entourage.


What About Other Projector Booths? 


With all the best future and current projectors gathered in one place, it was easy to see that Ultra-Short Throw and Lifestyle Projectors are what consumers should invest in to stay ahead of the trends. 


Lifestyle Projectors

As a sign of their growing popularity, lifestyle projectors had their own category at the 2023 Laser TV Showdown hosted by Projector Central and Projector Screen.com. These projectors are portable, versatile, and easy to set up, made for entertaining on the move and in any location. One of the main features that make lifestyle projectors attractive is the rich built-in sound system, which manufacturers seem to be focusing a lot of attention on for upcoming portable projectors. 

UST Projectors

The space-saving design of the ultra-short throw projector has slowly edged it into the TV market to be one of the only options for people who want the home theater experience as an everyday norm. This has been achieved by replacing the traditional projector light sources with laser light for more accurate color production and brighter displays.

To achieve the same brilliant contrast levels as flat-screen TVs, UST projectors need to have a resolution of at least 4K (UHD), and CES 2024 revealed that some of the major players in the market have already started experimenting with 8K resolution. It’s safe to say that the journey has only just begun for UST technology and laser projectors.


Gaming Projectors  

Video games and esports are arguably the most popular pastime for most adults in the 21st century, and sometimes, the most immersive gaming experience is delivered by a massive projector screen. To be considered suitable for gaming, a projector must have low latency which is essential for quick communication between the projector and the console. 

The motion estimation, and motion compensation (MEMC) feature brings an additional level of smoothness to the display that can make gaming feel more cinematic. This is a feature that’s common in projectors but not so much in flat-screen TVs, and it’s yet another reason why projectors are becoming more popular for gaming. 


Formovie’s Place in the Future of Projection


Based on CES 2024 updates from multiple tech reviewers including Projector Central, The Hook Up, and The Hollywood Reporter, the top projectors at the exhibition displayed a lot of innovation, function, and an aesthetically pleasing design. 

The Formovie THEATER and the Xming Page One tick all the boxes when it comes to keeping up with the trends at CES 2024, and how they’ve been received by the public is a testament to that. Some of our new products like the Formovie V10 also left a gleeful impression on event goers, another nod to the innovative efforts of the Formovie Team. 

As laser technology and ALPD continue to evolve, and manufacturers continue to tinker with display technology, who knows what the future of projection looks like? If CES 2024 has taught us one thing, it’s that Formovie is on the right path. 

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