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Explore a World of Stunning Colors with Rec. 2020

Explore a World of Stunning Colors with Rec. 2020

Home theater projectors have completely revolutionized the way we enjoy movies because the cinematic display is no longer an experience limited to the cinema alone. Understanding a projector’s color gamut and color display capabilities before making the purchase can help you make the best decision, and have you well on your way to the most realistic and vivid displays in your personal theater. 

This blog will explore the Rec. 2020 color gamut to help you to understand how it works, the significant role it plays in the future of color reproduction, and how the stunning range of colors made available by Rec. 2020 amp up the Formovie THEATERs ability to display realistic colors.

What is Color Gamut?

In digital imaging, the color gamut is represented as a triangular diagram that rests on the entire range of colors that can be seen by the naked human eye. The three points of the triangle map out the parameters or limitations of the color gamut by indicating how many shades of each primary color a specific color gamut standard can capture or display. Essentially, a color gamut that can display a wider range of colors will be represented by a bigger triangle on the diagram.  

Understanding Rec. 2020? 

Color gamut defines the range of colors that can be displayed or captured by a device, and Rec. 2020 is a color gamut standard that encompasses a significantly wider range of colors than previous standards like sRGB and Adobe RGB. The purpose of Rec. 2020 is to provide the device with a wider color palette to reproduce colors with, allowing it to display more vibrant and realistic colors. 

RGB color space parameters (From Wikipedia)

Color space

White point










ITU-R Rec.2020









While this color gamut offers a wide range of colors, unfortunately, not all devices or displays can accurately reproduce Rec. 2020. This may result in a loss of color saturation, and an image that was captured perfectly with a Rec. 2020 camera may be displayed poorly on a screen that’s not compatible. 

Formovie THEATER Reaches a Breakthrough in Color Technology

You can transform your home into the ultimate personal theater with an ultra-short throw projector like the Formovie THEATER which delivers stunning images and realistic colors with exceptional contrast thanks to the Rec. 2020 color gamut. The advancement of technology has allowed for more content to be created using the Rec. 2020 color palette, and although most display mediums don’t have the ability to display the entire spectrum, investing in technology that is Rec. 2020 compatible could save you from needing to replace your projector in the future. Here is a list of benefits of using the Formovie THEATER for color reproduction. 

Enhanced Color Accuracy 

The Formovie THEATER is one of the few UST projectors that use ALPD 4.0 as a light source, ensuring that it delivers second-to-none color calibration for vibrant true-to-life colors. This combined with the wide range of colors on the Rec. 2020 scale allows it to display a wide spectrum of hues for each individual color. 

High Brightness and Contrast

The Formovie THEATER has sufficiently high levels of brightness and contrast, reaching peak brightness at 1800 ISO lumens and having a  3000:1 FOFO contrast ratio. Exceptional levels of brightness contribute to better color visibility, while high contrast levels ensure a crisp display of contrasting colors right next to each other. This is especially beneficial when you’re using the projector during the day or in brightly lit areas.  

Reduced Color Distortion

The proximity of the projector to the screen minimizes the chance of color distortion and pixelating associated with the wide projection path you need to achieve a massive display. This is coupled with the benefit of reduced shadow disruptions often caused by people walking between the projector’s light and the screen.  

Embrace the Future of Color with Formovie THEATER

Understanding the basics of color gamut puts you in the best position to make the ultimate projector purchase decision, and it also allows you to choose the best movies to watch based on the color accuracy they offer.

To fully experience the Formvie THEATER’s Rec. 2020 capabilities, you’ll need to find Rec. 2020 content that is coded using that specific color gamut. Currently, you can view this color gamut in movies like The Greatest Showman, Aquaman, or the animated movie Inside Out, according to the YouTube page Stop the FOMO. Ensure that the projector is configured for BT. 2020 ( Rec. 2020 ) by adjusting the output resolution or the HDR settings of the Formovie THEATER. 

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