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How the Formovie THEATER Performs, According to the Experts

How the Formovie THEATER Performs, According to the Experts

So you’re considering getting yourself the Formovie THEATER laser projector to amplify the experience in your home theater. You’ve looked at all the specs and are pretty impressed by what we have to offer, but you’re still looking for that one piece of expert advice to help make the final decision. The good news is that an entire slew of the projector and tech reviewers can advocate for the Formovie THEATER to make your decision-making process smoother. 

We’ve put together a collection of quotes, comments, and reviews from YouTube and websites that speak to the display brilliance and overall entertainment value offered by the Formovie THEATER, to give you a better idea of why it was voted number one at the 2022 Laser TV Showdown hosted by Projector Central and ProjectorScreen.com. 

Top-Notch Display

Antwan Richardson of New Stuff TV says that he was blown away by the short-throw capabilities of this projector and its ability to project a 100-inch screen from about 8 inches away when he first came across it at CES 23. It’s a projector that is worthy of the name THEATER, having won the CES Innovation Award of Design and the award for 2022’s Best Ultra Short Throw Projector.



Huge cinematic displays are quite often associated with dark spaces because that used to be the only way to ensure that the projector could perform at its peak. Free Tech reviewed the Formovie THEATER and the Bloke from Yorkshire notes off the bat that it has a superbly bright display even when there’s a lot of light in the room, but it’s “absolutely awesome” when he turns the lights off. 


Max Tech reviewed the Formovie THEATER and found that the ALPD 4.0 RGB+ laser delivers 1800 ISO lumens brightness and a 4K display that offers “the best Plug and play theater experience you can get.”

Youtube_Max Tech

Color Accuracy

On the LRN2DIY YouTube page, the reviewer mentions that the brilliant display of the Formovie THEATER is further enhanced by the use of an ambient light-rejecting screen, a neat addition to any home theater room that repels up to 90% of light coming from above. 


Andy Grimm of Home Theater Reviews tested out the HDR viewing capabilities of the Formovie THEATER during his review and was impressed to see that it handled the bright vibrant colors of The Angry Birds movie quite well, stating that “the colors of this movie really did pop right from the get-go”.  

Eye Safety

Free Tech was also impressed by the projector’s ability to detect when someone was blocking the light and automatically adjust the superb brightness to protect them from eye damage. He found that to be a handy feature for someone who has curious children in their home, plus it’s cool that you can turn the safety feature off. 

Entertainment Value

Surround-sound Audio

The Formovie THEATER has built-in Bower’s and Wilkins speakers with Dolby Atmos support that deliver premium sound quality according to New Stuff TV. It completes the set-up of your entertainment area with no need for additional plug-ins, and it has the potential to make your plug-in experience even better. 

Unlike a traditional projector that needs extra long cables to accommodate the distance from the screen to the projector, you can simply connect everything at a central location if the projector is sitting close to the screen, a feature that Free Tech notes is unique to an ultra-short throw projector. 

Streaming Support

The Fire TV Sticks review highlights the fact that the Formovie THEATER has built-in Android TV 11, and it’s one of the only 4K laser projectors that supports the streaming of Dolby Vision content from Apple TV+, Disney+, and a variety of other platforms. They’ve named it “the Ultimate Experience for Movies'' stating that the 4K display is similar to an OLED experience with incredibly clear images and excellent contrast.  

See for Yourself

Nils Rasmusson of LRN2DIY made a special mention of the fact that you’d need to pay an insane amount of money to get the same display quality and screen size from an OLED TV, and the Formovie THEATER is a great option to consider if you’re after the most immersive display.  The only thing that’s left to do is to try it for yourself and leave a first-hand review for the Formovie THEATER lovers on our social media pages. An incredible home theater experience awaits. 

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