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The Advantages of ALPD Technology


ALPD is described by Appotronics as a display technology that is largely based on laser-excited fluorescent materials and mixed multi-color laser lines. It’s a technology developed by Appotronics aimed at achieving displays of a cinema standard, and it’s been integrated into laser TVs like the Formovie THEATER. 

We recently explored how ALPD 4.0 truly enhances the laser projector experience. This blog will delve deeper into what ALPD 4.0 is, and the advantages of choosing to have an ALPD 4.0-based projector in your showroom. We’ll also take a closer look at why the Formovie THEATER is the best choice if you’re looking to purchase a high-performing, energy-efficient projector that’s also safe on the eyes. 

Before we dive in on ALPD 4.0, it’s good to note that Appotronics released ALPD 5.0 at the end of 2022, which means the possibility of an even more incredible display could soon become a reality. ALPD 5.0 is reported to be able to reach a wider color gamut, have higher light efficiency, and it’s much smaller which means it can be placed into smaller machines. It is yet to be integrated into projectors, so the best laser light source technology is still limited to a few projectors like the Formovie THEATER.


What Is ALPD 4.0?

ALPD 4.0 is the fourth generation of brilliant displays achieved by combining laser-excited fluorescent materials with multi-color lasers. The result is a speckle-free and vividly colored display that is more easily compared to a TV than a regular projector.

  •  It was officially released in 2018 with the ability to reach an incredibly wide range of 98% of the Rec.2020 color gamut, which makes it innately easy for the projector to display highly contrasting colors right next to each other.
  • The contrast levels reached by ALPD 4.0 are of a cinema standard at 2500:1. This means that the brightest part of the image will be displayed 2500 times brighter than the darkest part of the image, which is quite breathtaking to imagine in a home theater.
  • Compared to the previous generation, ALDP 4.0 uses less energy to produce more light, making it 30% more efficient than ALPD 3.0. This ultimately results in improved image quality and longevity of the projector.

The Difference Between ALPD 4.0 and ALPD 3.0

In addition to reduced energy consumption, and the potential to save more money in the long run, ALPD 4.0 projectors offer two other significant benefits that make them the more favorable option. 

  • Because of the high efficiency of ALPD 4.0, the displays it produces are much brighter than those offered by an ALPD 3.0 projector. The ability to display more ANSI lumens gives an ALPD 4.0 projector the advantage of being sufficiently bright even in a well-lit room.
  • While ALPD 3.0 technology does a better job of reducing speckles between contrasting colors, ALPD 4.0 can display significantly more colors than its predecessor, and it can reach some of the widest color gamuts including BT.2020

The Benefits of Integrating ALPD 4.0 into the Formovie THEATER 4K Projector

The Formovie THEATER is one of the few projectors that use ALPD 4.0 as their light source, which makes it one of the only projectors that can enjoy the wide range of its color and brightness capabilities.

High Performance

ALPD 4.0 uses a wide range of lasers to produce a vast array of colors, which allows the Formovie THEATER to display colors with high intensity and vividness while maintaining excellent brightness levels. It can reach 480 nits of brightness, and display the widest color gamut of BT.2020, levels which are among the best in the laser TV industry. The Formovie THEATER is also one of the only laser projectors that support Dolby Vision and Dolby ATMOS, further accentuating its display abilities. Additionally, the built-in Bower’s & Wilkins speakers pair beautifully with the acoustics created by Dolby ATMOS to complete the cinematic experience. 

Highly Efficient

The average amount of power consumed by a 100-inch laser TV is around 200 watts, which is up to 30% less than that of a LED LCD TV of the same size. The Formovie THEATER is a more environmentally friendly option. It’s also worth mentioning that a 100-inch LCD would be significantly more expensive than a laser TV. Additionally, by replacing the traditional green laser light source with a blue one, ALPD 4.0 has effectively reduced the cost of production, making it much cheaper than other projectors of the same quality. 

Eye Protection

Our daily lives are filled with various types of screens that shine light directly into our eyes, such as our mobile phones, PCs, and TVs, and this could potentially affect eyesight over time. A 4K laser projector like the Formovie THEATER reduces this strain on the eyes by not shining the light directly into the eyes, which is especially beneficial when using the screen in strenuous situations like gaming. 

The Future of Display Technology Is Now

As mentioned above, the next step in the evolution of ALPD has already been taken with the introduction of ALPD 5.0. Appotronics reports that it can display 120% of the sRGB Rec 2020 color gamut and 210% of the Rec 709 color gamut. They also report that ALPD 5.0 will have a higher light efficiency than its predecessor, which means it will be even brighter while consuming less energy.

Until then, ALPD 4.0 and the Formovie THEATER have certified ways to improve the overall experience of your home theater while simultaneously reducing your footprint on the environment. You’ll get cinematic contrast and brightness levels, as well as a product that requires minimal maintenance, and consumes low levels of power. 

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