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The Xming Page One Projector: A New Era in Display Clarity


The holiday season is here which means that families around the world will be spending quality time together and nothing says festive spirit quite like sharing a night of entertainment – whether it’s movies with the kids, gaming with your friends, or just jamming out to music with one another. We share some of the best memories through media consumption – which led Formovies to the invention of the impressive Xming Page One portable projector.

This mini projector is an essential addition to any home as the world’s first Google TV LCD projector with certified Netflix. From an advanced built-in sound system to a 1080p Full-HD resolution vivid display, the Xming projector is guaranteed to introduce you to a new world of entertainment quality and convenience. Join us as we go over some of the stellar features that help this powerhouse device build a truly immersive and elevated media experience.

Deliciously Vivid Contrast Ratio 

One of the main elements of display clarity that the Xming Page One focuses on is the contrast ratio. This can be described as the difference in brightness between the lightest and darkest shades on display. The higher the contrast ratio, the better the display. 

When it comes to projectors especially, this feature plays a massive role in ensuring sharp images and vibrant colors. A low contrast ratio on a projector can lead to washed-out or blurry images. Projectors are also used in different environments that have varying light levels. For most home theater and gaming projector setups, a higher contrast ratio is better suited for the typically low-light-level rooms or low-lit scenes being displayed.    

Fortunately, the Xming Page One provides an astounding Ultra-High 2000:1 contrast ratio – which means that the brightest white shade on display is 2000 times brighter than the darkest black shade. This ensures vivid details, defined imagery, and visual quality beyond comparison.


1080 Pixel Perfect

The Xming Page One also takes the concept of rich visuals to a new level with a Full High-Definition 1080p resolution display that ensures your 1080p media content won’t be distorted or altered in any way. This also means that you’ll be enjoying precise projections with a maximum resolution compatibility of 2560 x 1440 pixels. The native 1080p resolution and high-pixel density work together to bring every detail to life with impeccable clarity. 

Impressive Projections 

Another important aspect of a projector is the spatial dimensions it can adapt to. The Xming Page One device can project an image of between 40 to 120 inches onto a wall or screen with its impressive projection ratio of 1.25:1. This is only emphasized through the projector’s auto-focus, automatic correction, and obstacle detection features that ensure crystal clear clarity in any number of conditions. 

170% Better Brightness 

Keeping your projector output clear and vivid requires some heavy lifting from your pixels. The Xming Page One achieves immaculate image brightness by reaching up to 500 CVIA lumens – making it automatically 170% brighter than other commercial projectors of its caliber.

Techaeris commented that the LED light source of the projector ensures that users enjoy a great viewing experience in several environments. Moreover, the device includes HDR10 format decoding for seamless content sharing from any smartphone or laptop.

Scintillating Built-In Sound 

Full immersion is only achieved when your display prowess can match up to the audio environment. This is why the Xming projector gives you an unreal audio experience with Dolby Audio powered by Boston Acoustics. With 2 x 5W high-powered speakers, the projector provides a dynamic range of bass, treble, and clarity to elevate every viewing moment with enhanced sound. 

Unlimited Connectivity

Your projector needs to be advanced enough to keep up with the times – which is why connectivity is another hallmark feature for the Xming Page One projector. Stay connected with multiple options for HDMI 2.1, dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, and more. The 2GB RAM and 168GB storage also ensure ample space while the Google operating system gives you full access to Google Assistant while scrolling through the countless streaming sites, apps, and more at your fingertips.  


Take Your Viewing to the Next Level with the Xming Page One

User satisfaction and innovative ambition are what drive Formovie to create cutting-edge designs that supersede expectations. According to TrendHunter, the Xming Page One can be described as a “pro-grade piece of entertainment equipment for users to help them enjoy their choice of content in a simple yet immersive way.” 

Step into the future of intelligent and inspired projector technology today and choose the Xming Page One for a commitment to vivid imagery, stunning clarity, and truly immersive experiences.

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