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Formovie THEATER Observation Mode ≤ 28dB of a circulation temperature 25 ℃ 1m, only wind noise.
The main body of the machine, the Bluetooth voice remote control and the battery, the power cord, the manual, and the cleaning cloth.
The brightness of Formovie THEATER is 2800 ANSI lumens. The main brightness mode includes office mode, movie viewing mode, and night mode.
The throw ratio of Formovie THEATER is 0.233: 1.
2 x15W speakers, 2*0.7L oversized cavity, are designed and customized by global high -end audio brand Bower & Wilkins. Horiko nets, patented cellular inverted pipes, support Dolby Audio, Dolby Atmos, DTS-HD, DTS-X decoding authentication; B & W sound effects. The main sound mode is games, theaters, music, news, sports, softness and custom.
Not supported. The machine comes with the remote control of the Bluetooth voice remote control.
It does not support. The remote control is a Bluetooth voice remote control that can be projected through voice control.
A: ① Power socket x 1; ②HDMI2.0 x 3 (including EARC); ③ USB 2.0 x 2; ④ Line Out X 1; ⑤S/PDIF*1; ⑥ Ethernet*1; EARC is wider than ARC bandwidth, ARC transmission, ARC transmission Bandwidth is 1MB/second, EAC is 27MB/second, which can transmit higher quality film source sound quality and bring a better viewing experience.



Press the peak logo menu key, click Keystone Correction for correction at 8 points/4 points, and then select quick-tuning or fine -tuning. Since the keystone correction function is to compress the screen through the software function, the picture quality will be impacted.
Yes, it does. You don't have to worry about the blurring and shadows in pictures when watching high-speed sports events and competitive games. Users can self-define the MEMC, and choose whether they want it open depending on the content being viewed.
It is not supported for the time being. If you need to adjust the size of the screen, you need to move the position of the machine to achieve it.
Formovie THEATER supports manual electric focusing. Press the left and right keys directly on the remote control page on the focus page until the screen is clear.
Formovie THEATER does not support 3D.
The main content providers include Prime Video, You Tube, etc. More applications can be downloaded directly in the App Store, but the download permissions of each application in different countries or regions may be different. (At present, no authentication support for Netflix)
Formovie THEATER adopts Android TV system, without opening advertisements.

Special Questions

Formovie THEATER's operating system is Android R (Android 11), which is the latest OS. This OS can make memory management more optimized, and the downloaded apps do not take up too much memory space. It has automatic low latency mode(ALLM), so you do not need to manually adjust it to the game mode during a game. Including Google Play Instant App Application. With a new Google UI interface, the content is more abundant.
At present, Formovie THEATER's memory is 2G+32G, which can fully meet customer needs and ensure product smoothness.

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