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.47 DLP Android TV Reference Design Programm


Reference Design Program

The .47 DLP Android TV Reference Design Programm (Reference Design in short) enables you to build a top-class .47 DLP 4K UHD smart projector quickly by limiting customizations in both hardware and software of an Android-compatible system image. In the Reference Design program, Formovie, TI and MediaTek work closely with the Android TV Partner Engineering team to create a complete Android TV system image that runs on Formovie's reference hardware. The reference device and system image then go through the same Google approval process as a production device.

Formovie and MediaTek take the development lead, checking in all framework and vendor changes to the Google partner Gerrit. Images are built from Google servers. To enforce discipline and ensure maximum compatibility, Google must approve all changes and must sign all production images. Limited customizations might be allowed with prior Google review and approval.

The Component Approved Vendor List (AVL) is strictly enforced to minimize hardware variance. Closely aligning to the base reference design minimizes launch, maintenance, and upgrade efforts for Formovie, MediaTek, TI, Google, and brand owners.


Advantages to using an approved Reference Design

Choosing an already approved Reference Design design and minimizing customization can improve time to market and minimize the effort required to launch an Android TV device. The advantages to using Reference Design include the following:

  • The SoC is optimized for power, performance, security, and stability.
  • The SoC is preintegrated with:
  • Google apps (GTVS)
  • Android TV Input Framework
  • Google Cast ready
  • Widevine (requires license from Widevine) and PlayReady (requires license from Microsoft)
  • Standardized TI DLP interfaces
  • The reference design is certified for Android compatibility, has passed the Google Mobile Services (GMS) Test Suite.
  • The system image is easily updatable with a Google OTA update and is current with the most recent Android OS version.


Reference Design Engagement

For more information about specific reference design programs, obtain preapproval from Formovie  and MediaTek, and then contact your Google point of contact to request access to reference design information.