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Bring Out the Wishlists, It’s Time for Early Holiday Shopping

Bring Out the Wishlists, It’s Time for Early Holiday Shopping

The countdown to the season of giving has officially started, and as we pack away the fake skeletons and cobwebs and replace them with fairy lights and all sorts of feasts, it’s the best time to think about the gifts you’ll be putting under the Christmas tree. Why not spoil your family with a gift that’ll bring you closer together like a new projector for a never-ending home theater experience?

Whether you like being indoors or enjoy spending time outside, Formovie can make your festive season a little warmer with an entertainment package that’ll carry you well into the New Year. What’s more? You can unlock entirely new levels of entertainment for less by taking advantage of our early holiday shopping and Black Friday specials. Here are some of the coolest gifts you can give your family this holiday season.

Formovie THEATER

An exceptional home theater experience is what you and the family can expect the Formovie THEATER to deliver with its top-of-the-line 4K UHD resolution, 2800 ANSI lumens of illumination brilliance, and access to the wide range of content available on Android TV 11.0. 

The visual spectacle is displayed on a screen that can be adjusted for an 80-inch, 120-inch, or 150-inch display, providing a cinematic transformation of your living room. The Formovie THEATER has a built-in sound system developed by Bowers and Wilkins to complete the entertainment package and ensure that you can enjoy an effortless plug-and-play experience. 

As a newcomer, the Formovie THEATER won over the judges at the 2022 Laser TV Showdown hosted by Projector Central and Projector to take the number one spot against some of the biggest brand names including Samsung and BenQ. It’s certainly one of the best ultra-short throw projectors on the market, and one of the first of its kind to boast both Dolby ATMOS and Dolby Vision compatibility. 

In addition to providing the best movie night experience, the Formovie THEATER has a low-latency mode plus motion estimation, motion compensation (MEMC) that makes gaming on a PlayStation or Xbox an exhilarating affair. 

Formovie Dice

For those who love to entertain occasionally or on the move, the Formovie Dice presents itself as a portable projector of choice boasting 700 ANSI lumens of brightness, and the power to go anywhere with a 16,000 mAh battery on board. The 1080p native resolution makes it perfect for movie nights at home, on camping trips, or a pool party at a friend’s house. The Formovie Dice has built-in Chromecast and an adjustable screen size that ranges from 60 inches up to 120 inches, so you never have to stream content on a small screen again. 

A feature that makes the Formovie Dice a stand-out portable projector is its DTS and Dolby-certified sound system. It delivers an immersive sound experience with high-quality audio, eliminating the need for additional plugins or speakers to give you a complete entertainment package wherever you are. According to a review conducted by GSM Arena, it’s a sound system worthy of praise, packed with a rich sound that fills the room. 

You and your family won’t have to worry about what to watch and where to watch it. The Formovie Dice comes equipped with certified Android TV 9.0, providing a wide range of onboard viewing options from YouTube and other streaming platforms directly on the projector.

Get in the Mood, It’s the Season of Giving

Embrace the essence of the season and explore the idea of transforming your family’s home entertainment experience with delightful gifts that’ll captivate their hearts. You can get up to 50% off your purchase if you buy from the Formovie website during our Early Black Friday sale, so bring out those wishlists and start filling up your virtual carts.

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