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How Does the Xming Page One Perform in the Real World?

How Does the Xming Page One Perform in the Real World?

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The first group of people to get their hands on the mini and mighty Xming Page One projector since it’s official release have had their fair share of time with the appliance, and we’ve got a pretty neat collection of reviews from them that give us a clearer idea of how the projector is reshaping home theater entertainment. Users have most notably commended the Xming Page One for it’s performance and features compared to other projectors of a similar price range, however, there are some considerations to make it this is a projector you’re interested in owning. 

Today’s blog will consist of quotes and comments from tech reviewers and real life users of the Xming Page One Projector, so you can hear from people who have already used it and seen its brilliance for themselves.


Smart Entertainment for the Win


In 2024, is it even worth buying an appliance that doesn’t have smart features? If it can’t connect to the internet or be linked to any other device, even with a cable, is it worth your time or money? Thankfully, the Xming Page One is one of the smartest LCD projectors on the market. 

It’s the first Google TV projector of its kind with certified Netflix, allowing you to access all your apps and streaming services on a single device. Android Police thought it was pretty convenient that the projector automatically connects to nearby Android devices when it’s powered up, further simplifying the process of connecting to and accessing your content. A user who left a review on Projector Central claims that the Google-based user interface was easier to navigate than parallel parking,

The Xming Page One also has smart features like auto-focus and keystone correction which the reviewer found to be really handy if the projector isn’t perfectly centered. 


A Decent Screen Size


The Xming Page One, like most projectors, boasts an adjustable screen that ranges from 40 to 120 inches giving you plenty of room to play with depending on the size of your entertainment area and the number of people you’re catering to. Rushil Agrawal who reviewed the projector for Android Central suggests keeping the screen’s diameter between 70-100 inches for peak clarity and brightness because in his experience, this is the size that offers the best display. 

It’s worth noting that while the Xming Page One doesn’t have a zoom or lens shift feature to help you adjust the size of the screen, the automatic focus and keystone correction feature simplifies the setup process immensely, as described in the review left by Dave on the Projector Central website after he got his projector. 


Brightness on a Budget


With a brightness level of 500 CVIA lumens (or 300 ANSI lumens), the Xming Page One is far from reaching the same brilliance as something as powerful as the Formovie THEATER UST projector. However, that doesn’t mean that the mini warrior doesn’t pack enough punch to deliver a satisfying experience in a theater setting. 

Coupled with an impressive 2000:1 contrast ratio, Ryan Epps who reviewed the projector for Tom’s Guide says that the Xming Page One is a strong choice at its particular price range. In fact, Ryan believes that the Page One’s display capabilities in a dark space is one of three reasons you should consider getting a 1080p projector instead of a traditional TV.

The best part about opting for a projector instead of a traditional TV is the flexibility it provides. Dave, who took the Xming Page One on a camping trip, shares how his audience was entertained and impressed with the picture quality delivered by the projector under the night sky. While the picture may have been quite questionable in ambient settings, as highlighted in the Notebook Check review conducted by Enrico Frahn, the image is bright and looks great in a dark room.


Excellent 1080p Quality 


One unique feature of the Xming Page One that makes it stand out against competitors is its use of an LCD light source instead of Digital Light Processing (DLP). What this does is minimize color banding and rainbow effects in the display, resulting in a much cleaner and sharper image.


(Credit: NotebookCheck)


Impressive Onboard Sound


When questioned about the projector’s sound performance, Terry Ellis who hosts the Pursuit Perfect System YouTube channel notes that the sound of the fan was unobtrusive and quite forgettable. The two 5W speakers deliver a “nice, loud, and clear” sound that masks the sound of the cooling system quite well, however, the reviewer suggests not placing the projector behind your seating area if you want to get the best sound quality. 


Connection Made Easy


If you’ve formed an unbreakable bond with your external streaming device and would like to still access downloaded content from it, like Terry Ellis has with his Apple TV box, the Xming Page One is fitted with enough connectivity ports to make it possible. It sports a traditional USB port for things like an external hard drive, an HDMI port for high-quality content, and an audio out port for additional sound systems. 


Unlock the Xming Page One’s Potential for Yourself 


Reviews from real users and tech experts alike suggest that the Xming Page One has made its mark in the realm of portable home theater entertainment. Praised for its smart capabilities, adjustable screen size, and impressive 1080p image quality, the Page One stands out as a solid choice at its competitive retail price of $500. 

If you’re in the market for a budget-friendly projector and you’re ready to elevate your home theater experience, explore the Xming Page One projector today and upgrade to a new, convenient way of viewing.

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