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What TV Shows Are People Streaming Around the World?

What TV Shows Are People Streaming Around the World?

Trying to find something new or interesting to watch can be a time-consuming task all on its own, and it is often easier to just revert to reruns of some old favorites. It should then come as no surprise that the most popular shows streamed in the U.S. in 2023, according to The New York Times, include titles like the 90s classic Friends and the American legal drama Suits which first aired in 2011. 

According to stats on IMDb, similar trends are evident in other parts of the world. One of the most popular TV shows in Italy right now is the 1990s Zorro series, and in the Netherlands, thousands of people are watching reruns of The Sopranos that debuted in 1999

Fortunately, that’s not all people around the world are watching on streaming platforms. We’ve compiled a list of the most popular TV shows to watch from around the world and put them into this nifty little guide. 

The best part is that you can stream them directly from your projector, which is just one of the benefits of investing in a projector for your home entertainment system. We’ll explore more of these benefits closer to the end. For now, let’s explore the most popular TV shows of 2023/2024 and what viewers around the world are saying about them. 


The Most Popular Shows Globally


It may be purely because the world is so interconnected these days, but global audiences are attracted to a lot of the same things. According to the IMDb search engine, the top three genres in the world are Drama, Crime, and Action with storylines treading the fine line between true crime and total fiction. For this blog, we’ll explore the trending titles in some of the regions where Formovie is most popular, listed in the alphabetical order of the country. 



The most popular show in Austria is The Swarm. "The Swarm" unfolds as a team of scientists from across the globe unite to confront one of humanity's most significant challenges – pollution. As they delve deeper, they make a bone-chilling revelation that a collective intelligence residing at the ocean's depths has endured the impacts of human civilization on its home, and it's getting ready to fight back. 

A sci-fi drama like this is best enjoyed on the most vivid and immersive display where you can fully appreciate the graphics and details that go into designing the extra-terrestrial beings. Brace yourself for a suspenseful journey tackling the unexpected consequences of our actions on the deep sea's inhabitants.



Viewers in France are enthralled by episodes of the comedy crime series Death in Paradise which has been on air since 2011 with a new season expected to premier in February. It follows a detective from London who’s been transferred to the Caribbean to get to the bottom of complicated murders.



The most popular TV series in Germany, Dark, is a 2017 series centered around the disappearance of two children in a small town, a disappearance that reveals the messy secrets and complicated connections of four families. With 10 episodes, each lasting an hour, the plot takes unexpected turns and twists that bring the investigation back to the same town in 1986. A review left by Huetagolimaya on IMDb highlights that “Everything is important because everything is connected.” It's a binge-worthy ride with some interesting references to literature, philosophy, and science. 



Sleepers is the most-watched TV show in the Netherlands. In this thriller, corrupt agent Martin Oudkerk is thrust into a crime scene in which his surrogate father, Henk, is one of the victims. As Martin grapples with the shock and grief, a new breed of criminals emerges. Martin must navigate dangerous waters and push the boundaries of morality in a desperate attempt to protect his loved ones and salvage what remains of his shattered world. 



A spinoff of one of the most popular crime drama franchises, Money Heist, Berlin is currently listed on IMDb as one of the most-watched TV shows in Spain. The series is named after its main character, Berlin, who assembles a group of bandits to pull off one the biggest heists of his career in Paris. 


A Home Theater Projector Makes Streaming TV Shows More Exciting


So how does a home theater projector transform your viewing experience? Whether you’re equipped with a formidable 4K UHD UST projector like the Formovie THEATER, or you’re more of an entertainer on the move with a lifestyle projector like the Xming Page One, here are five advantages of streaming your shows on a home theater projector. 


Easy Access to All the Best Shows


As mentioned in the intro, every show listed in the guide can be streamed directly from your Formovie projector. This is because of the integrated software that grants you access to the more than 800 channels on Google TV and Android TV. These include BBC, Videoland, Apple TV, and Prime Video. In the case of the Xming Page One, viewers also have the option of watching Netflix.


(Xming Page One)

The Most Immersive Display


The best projectors on the market boast nothing less than a 1080p resolution. Most of these also feature high contrast levels, excellent color reproduction, and the ability to play native 4K UHD content. These are all features that are essential to getting the most picturesque graphics and details from the leading TV shows, many of which are created using Dolby Vision or HDR 10.

Formovie THEATER

(Formovie THEATER)

A Rich Built-In Sound System


Built-in sound systems are an integral part of home theater projectors, especially those that are marketed as being portable. What isn’t very common, however, is a projector sound system with Dolby certification. Dolby enhancements that come standard with the Formovie THEATER and the Xming Page One deliver a more realistic production of sound with surround sound effects that place you at the center of all the world’s most popular crime scenes.


The Option to Connect External Devices


Immersive viewing goes beyond the latest TV shows and movies. Home theater projectors can also be used to share documents, watch old home videos, and play console games. This is made possible by multiple connectivity options like HDMI, USB, and Bluetooth.


Versatile Screen Size


While flat-screen TVs are the most popular option for entertaining at home, the screen size is fixed and cannot be adjusted to cater to larger audiences or to suit different types of content. All projectors have an adjustable screen size that can range anywhere from 60-inches to anywhere around 200-inches (depending on the projector). This extends the versatility of projectors, making them both portable and adjustable. 


Explore the Most Popular TV Shows on Your Big Screen


If your favorite program or the most popular show in your region wasn't mentioned in this list, feel free to check out what’s going on in the world around you and share your reviews with us on the Formovie Facebook page. You can also leave an official review on the IMDb page to help your favorite shows rank better.

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