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A Spectacular Display In a Small Package: The Xming Page One with 1080p Resolution

A Spectacular Display In a Small Package: The Xming Page One with 1080p Resolution

Formovie’s latest offering, the Xming Page One portable projector, is the mini projector that you’ve been waiting for. Following a successful Indiegogo campaign, the world’s first Google TV LCD projector with certified Netflix has arrived. 

Boasting a unique set of features like an outstanding built-in sound system jointly developed with Boston Acoustics, and a full list of entertainment options from both Google TV and Netflix, the Xming Page One is set to change the way we entertain one pixel at a time. It delivers a rich and vivid display, deep contrast levels, and sufficient brightness to help turn your space into an entertainment hub for watching movies, playing games, or just enjoying some music with your companions. 

We invite you to embark on this exciting introductory journey of the Xming Page One as it elevates the standards of visual entertainment, offering a seamless blend of innovation and immersive viewing. Let’s explore the specific display features that you can expect the newest member of the Formovie family to deliver. 

A Native 1080p Resolution that Lets You See More

We’re all aware that more pixels translate to a higher quality display, but do you know the difference between native resolution and supported resolution? Native resolution refers to the number of physical pixels available for the projector to use, and in the case of a native 1080p projector, this equals 1920 x 1080 individual pixels. 

This means that when you feed content with this resolution to the Xming Page One projector, the video will be displayed without any distortion or alteration delivering the richest possible display of 1080p content, otherwise known as Full HD. While it may not look as mesmerizing as the original, a native 1080p resolution can also be tweaked to accommodate the display of 4K video content. The Xming Page One has a maximum resolution compatibility of 2560 x 1440 pixels. 

An article on OurTechRoom explains that running 4K content on a 1080p display may not be as vivid as it would be on a native 4K display, but it’s certainly a more vibrant experience than 1080p content. A native 1080p display essentially unlocks more viewing options, offering the opportunity to enjoy a wider range of content. 

A Splendid 2000:1 Contrast Ratio 

The Xming Page One’s resolution is enhanced by the sharp and vivid contrast of colors delivered by a 2000:1 contrast ratio. The contrast ratio describes the difference in brightness between the brightest white and the darkest black on a display, be it a TV screen, a computer monitor, or a projector. In the case of the Xming Page One, the brightest white is 2000 times more brilliant than the darkest black. Rich contrast is a feature that helps to take full advantage of every bit of the projector’s brightness, and it’s the main difference between a washed-out display and an immersive one. 


An Unexpected Level of Brightness

The YouTube tech review channel TechUtopia recently reviewed the Xming Page One and described the projector’s brightness levels as best enjoyed in a dark space, but still manageable and visible with the lights turned on. The brightness level, supported by the 2000:1 contrast ratio, means you can comfortably enjoy the immersive display of your projector and your favorite Netflix shows when you come home from work just after the sun sets.

A Whole New Way to Entertain

The debut of the portable Xming Page One projector marks a significant milestone in the realm of mini projectors. Equipped with a unique blend of cutting-edge features, an array of entertainment options, and a captivating viewing experience, get ready to transform the way you entertain.

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