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Choosing the Right Laser Projector for Your Space in 2023


The reasons why one would get a laser projector haven’t changed over the last few years, they deliver an undeniably bigger display compared to normal TVs, and they’re sufficiently brighter and more vivid than projectors with a traditional bulb light source. However, short-throw and Ultra-Short Throw (UST) laser projectors with 4K UHD resolution have increased in popularity in the same period for their ability to transform a standard living room into an all-inclusive home theater.

This blog will briefly explore how a laser projector works, and discuss the crucial factors to consider when buying one.  We’ll also look at the difference in display quality when projecting on a screen vs a wall, and try to help you figure out which type of projector is the best for your budget. Stick around to the end to find out why the Formovie THEATER was voted one of the best laser TVs in 2022, and why it’s the ultimate choice for your home theater.

How Does a Laser Projector Work? 

DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology is one of the most preferred types of display technology in the market, so for this blog, we’ll be speaking about DLP laser projectors. 

Compared to a standard DLP projector that uses a spinning color wheel to display color, a laser projector uses a combination of red, green, and blue laser lights to achieve brighter and more accurate color display and even sharper contrast levels. The colorful light source illuminates millions of micro-mirrors which work together to create the image that is enlarged by the lens and displayed on the screen.

You can read more about how DLP projectors work here.

What to Consider when Buying a Laser Projector

Space and the size of a room used to be the greatest determining factor for choosing a projector, but laser projectors with a short throw ratio have made it possible to have a fully immersive, cinematic display in smaller spaces. In addition to the throw ratio, here are a few other things to consider when deciding to buy a laser projector.

Brightness or Lumens

The brightness of a projector will almost dictate the environment you can use it in. The more brightness or ANSI lumens a projector has, the easier it is to use it throughout the day in any room. If you’re hoping to incorporate the cinematic experience into the daily living room, then the laser projector needs at least 2000 ANSI lumens. Otherwise, you’ll need to block out the light or wait until evening to get the most out of the projector.

Resolution and Contrast

Resolution and contrast determine how clear, crisp, and vibrant the image is. Projectors with a lower resolution display an image that is more washed out and dull, compared to a 4K laser projector with more pixels and a sharper contrast of colors. The finest laser projectors are capable of 4K UHD resolution, displaying well over a billion colors and achieving a vivid contrast of dark tones to bright colors. 

Compatibility and Connectivity

It would suck to replace your TV with a laser projector only to find out that you can’t plug in your favorite consoles or connect to the WiFi like you used to, so it’s important to find a laser projector that meets all your connection requirements. 

Projector Screen vs a Wall

While it is highly convenient to imagine that you can take your projector virtually anywhere and just use a blank wall as the projector screen, the quality provided by using a real screen is unmatched. Screens designed for projectors do an excellent job of reflecting the light from the projector while simultaneously refracting other light sources. Additionally, using a screen eliminates a wall's natural imperfections and crevices to deliver an exceptionally smooth image. However, that doesn’t mean that you should get rid of the idea of using the wall as a screen completely. 

The Right Laser Projector for Your Budget

The saying “you get what you pay for” is age-old, and true, and it applies to every decision including choosing the right laser projector. That said, you’ll need to make a few compromises if you’re at the lower end of the budget, and you’ll get a more luxurious experience if you have a bit more to spare. 

A list compiled by of 9 of the best projectors under $2000 includes projectors that offer very high levels of brightness and a wide variety of connectivity options, but none of them have a laser light source. You’d need to compromise on the display’s contrast and color accuracy.

On the other hand, the list of projectors priced between $5000 - $10 000 compiled by Projector Reviews offers outstanding displays with 4K resolution but significantly lower levels of brightness. You’ll get the most vivid displays, but you’ll need to use them in a dimly lit space.

Why the Formovie THEATER is the Ultimate Choice

The Formovie THEATER is the first UST projector to have both Dolby Vision and Dolby ATMOS, which puts it a level above the rest. It has a 4K UHD native resolution that allows it to display the finest n-screen details, and it reaches peak brightness at  1800 ISO lumens for a clear display in well-lit spaces.

It utilizes ALPD 4.0, a technology developed in 2018, as a light source to achieve the powerful brightness of an LED or lamp projector, while also achieving the vivid color display and contrast of DLP laser projectors. Formovie THEATER can display 98% of the Rec.2020 color gamut which is more than 1 billion colors of the visible spectrum.

It features an entire host of connectivity options allowing you to connect your entertainment devices and consoles, plus it runs on Android TV 11.0 to make it more convenient to access all your favorite shows and movies.

One of the sweetest selling points of the Formovie THEATER is the price. It falls right in the middle of the budget-friendly and high-end home theater projectors, retailing for less than $4000. It's a combination of all the qualities that make a fine projector at a competitive price.

Redefine the Cinematic Home Theater Experience

Your entertainment space is the ultimate place to unwind after a long day, make sure that it’s the best entertainment area for you by adding a laser projector that ticks all the right boxes like the Formovie THEATER.

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