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The Xming Page One Is Here, What Does the Media Think?


To prepare for the launch of the Xming Page One, the new portable projector made its way into the hands of some of the most popular tech reviewers. A few YouTube creators and tech websites have already shared their opinions with their followers, and even before its release, the reviews are promising for the future of the mini but mighty projector. 

If you’re in the market for a new projector, you’re probably doing as much research as possible before committing, and that’s a good thing. This blog will help simplify the process by putting a few of the most important points about the Xming Page One’s display power in a single place, from the perspective of the pros. 

So if you’re considering getting the projector as soon as it’s released, stick around to the end of this article to see why it ticks all boxes.  

More Viewing Options than Others

The Xming Page One offers a wide range of viewing options both onboard and through external connections. It’s the world’s first Google TV LCD projector with Netflix, which means that if you’re looking to buy an LCD projector for its sharp image and exceptional light efficiency, the Xming Page One is the only one that gives you native access to Google TV, Netflix, and a range of external connections. 

Projector, home of the largest online selection of projectors, projector screens & accessories has described the new projector as truly all-in-one, allowing you to access over 700,000 videos from Google TV and more than 17,000 titles on Netflix. This feature, according to Projector Screen, is “something you won't find on most other portable projectors”. And while the reviewers on the Tech Brothers Blog find it hard to believe, they agree that having both Netflix and Google TV is undeniably useful. 

One Touch for Cinema-level Visuals 

The expansive amount of content available on the Xming Page One can be appreciated on a spectacular display that’s adjustable between 40 and 120 inches. It boasts a native 1080p resolution, 2000:1 contrast ratio, and 500 CVIA lumens of brightness that, according to Techaeris, delivers stunning videos and images. Alex Hernanes who wrote the article says that the LED light source makes the projector a great choice for entertaining in various environments.

In addition to the stunning display, the Xming Page One has features like auto keystone correction and auto focus, and the ability to intelligently avoid obstacles using Easy View. This contributes to a smooth and enjoyable viewing experience without requiring much manual intervention from the user, which Projector Screen says makes the projector easier to use. 

The New All-in-One Entertainer

The Early Bird has flown, but you can still be one of the first people to own the Xming Page One projector so you can see for yourself if it lives up to the expectation. Discover why this mini powerhouse has generated excitement in the tech world and uncover the features that could make it your next go-to projector and all-round entertainer.

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