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Which Subscription Services Give You Dolby Vision Content?

Which Subscription Services Give You Dolby Vision Content?

In our recent exploration of the science behind High Dynamic Range (HDR) content, we delved into the intricacies of the three distinct types of HDR and their impact on your viewing pleasure. Among these, Dolby Vision stands out for its exceptional visual fidelity and ability to deliver outstanding viewing experiences. 

According to the Dolby website, Dolby Vision® brings content creators’ artistic visions to life with incredible clarity. The makers of TV shows and movies collaborate with Dolby Vision to craft new state of the art entertainment, as well as enhance beloved classics. With Dolby Vision, they harness cutting-edge visual technology to make the viewing experience as lifelike as peering through a window.

Dolby Vision is the hallmark of excellence in TV shows and movies worldwide. Yet, despite its acclaim, this HDR format isn’t readily available everywhere. To bask in its lifelike brilliance, one must subscribe to streaming platforms that offer Dolby Vision content. Of course, enjoying this immersive experience requires more than just access, you’ll need a compatible device like the Formovie THEATER. 

In this article, we’ll explore the world of streaming services to uncover the best platforms where you can indulge in Dolby Vision content and elevate your entertainment experience.


How Dolby Vision Is Better


The film The Batman has become a popular choice for testing Dolby Vision since its release in 2022. According to a review on WhatHiFi, its 4K Blu-ray version is impressive on its own, but watching it on a Dolby Vision-enabled TV enhances the experience with improved contrast and richer colors. 

In the same way, Top Gun: Maverick, which is another film that serves as a benchmark for Dolby Vision testing, showcases enhanced image depth and vibrant colors when enjoyed on a Dolby Vision capable display. 

The Tech With KG YouTube channel conducted a side by side comparison of HDR 10 and Dolby Vision content on Netflix, and even when watching on a regular display, it’s clear to see that Dolby Vision gives you a better visual representation of reality.


Dolby Vision Comparison: Tech With KG


The Best Places to Stream Dolby Vision Content 

As you may already be aware, Netflix is one of the streaming platforms that embrace the Dolby Vision HDR format on a majority of shows and movies. But like we mentioned in the intro, it’s not just available to everyone. Here’s how to access Dolby Vision on Netflix and other platforms. 



Netflix offers three different payment and viewing plans to its customers including Standard, and Premium. In addition to allowing you to stream from 4 compatible devices at the same time, the Premium Netflix subscription unlocks Ultra-HD viewing, compared to the Full-HD on Standard. For an extra $7.99 a month (Standard is $15.49), you can watch Dolby Vision content like Stranger Things and Bridgerton on Netflix. 


Apple TV+

Dolby Vision has been a supported format on most iOS devices since 2017, so it’s no surprise that an Apple TV subscription will unlock an array of Dolby Vision content on your iPhone or any compatible device, like the Formovie THEATER. lists greater contrast and a wider color gamut as one of the benefits of enabling Dolby Vision on Apple TV.



Disney features some of the most classical movies titles like The Lion King and Toy Story in Dolby Vision. With Disney+, you’ll enjoy the highest video quality automatically if your device supports it. No need to manually select Dolby Vision, simply click on the title and dive into the experience. A basic Disney+ subscription will set you back $7.99 monthly.


Amazon Prime Video 

Dolby Vision content is marked with a badge on all streaming platforms with relevant shows and movies, including Amazon Prime Video. To gain access to Dolby Vision content on this streaming platform is just as simple as on Disney+ and Apple TV+, you’ll just need to pay the subscription fee of $14.99 a month or $139 annually.


Unlock a New World of Entertainment 


Dolby Vision represents one of the pinnacles in visual technology, elevating viewing experiences to new heights of clarity and immersion. As we’ve explored, subscribing to streaming platforms that offer Dolby Vision content opens doors to a world of breathtaking entertainment. From Netflix to Apple TV+, Disney+, and Amazon Prime Video, there’s a plethora of options to choose from. 

With Dolby Vision and your Formovie THEATER, you don’t need to locate your nearest Dolby Vision cinema. The magic comes alive in your own living room, transforming each viewing session into an unforgettable journey. So, whether it’s the latest blockbuster or a beloved classic, immerse yourself in Dolby Vision and experience entertainment like never before.

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